Bespoke Private Home Dormer Windows

Bespoke Private Home Dormer Windows

We at Setanta recognised that to increase export sales, we needed to develop new solutions by investing in research and development.

With the financial support from Invest Northern Ireland, Setanta were able to carry out efficient R&D to develop a unique new off-site solution, a dormer window system. 

Following on from our work with Claridges Hotel in London and Richard Rogers Art Gallery, we have now commenced work on private housing projects.

The dormer windows are fully manufactured and assembled in our workshop, transported fully built to site, and bolted into the main structure of a building. This has reduced the company’s time spent on site from days to hours, reducing cost and has significantly increased Setanta’s productivity.

Mark Gribbin, Director of Setanta said: “It may seem simple to many but our customers are delighted as it enables us to move on and off site quickly and can aid in the construction of a building very quickly.